About Us


Our Vision:

ZEDNI is an Arabic- originated educational network seeking for the elevation and development of educational purpose and curriculums to fit the needs for a brighter future in the Arabic region. Moreover, the network aims at encouraging and adopting projects and initiatives that target new generations to become more innovative and to cohabit with their future within a sense of belonging to their cultural environment and community.

Our Mission:

To set future ideations for education in the region and to alter typical perceptions and methods of acquiring knowledge and education among students and community.

The goal of ZEDNI NETWORK FOR EDUCATION, and through its various activities, is to favor the educational community in general and students’ community in particular.


  • Developing future educational conceptions by producing studies, research papers, seminars and field trips.
  • Establishing and managing an electronic website to achieve the following goals:

1- Embracing students and encouraging them to speak out their mind, visions and experiences for change as well as for providing them with psychological advice through a team of specialized experts.

2- Gathering varied educational data and information from around the Arabic world.

3- Exploiting electronic media to advocate students’ issues and establishing a legal connection supporting the rights of students’ to become an influential factor in the educational process.

4- Providing academic services including special consultations to help students in choosing a major study according to one’s talents, interests and needs of the labor market.

5- Discovering distinguished talents among students in order to bridge them with specialized institutions to nurture their talents.

Means and Methods:

Research and Studies:

Studying the basic pivots required for achieving a new educational system through various annual studies conducted by a number of Arabic and foreign researchers and gathered later on in a book to distribute out for related entities or institutions.

Seminars and Scientific Sessions

Assembling researchers and experts in annual seminars and scientific sessions based on their studies and research to set a number of practical and applicable recommendations.

Educational Field Trips

Getting to know the most successful educational modules around the world and visit them through field trips.


Participating in specialized education conferences.

“The Cultural Salon”

The Cultural Salon aims at organizing a dialogue about the details and reality of education nowadays as well as for specific influential issues related to the House of Education (currently about Major Fields of study). The salon is periodically held throughout the Academic Year in high schools in various Arabic countries.

The Annual Prize of ZEDNI

ZEDNI NETWORK also offers an annual prize declared in its decided timing. The prize consists of diverse competitions to support scientific, journalistic and literary talents:

  • ZEDNI PRIZE for Education
  • ZEDNI PRIZE for Literature
  • ZEDNI PRIZE for Educational Journalism 



Addressing issues related to current education through ideas, experiences and the reality of education expressed and presented by students, parents and community elites.

Educational News Reports

Observing different aspects of the current educational situation and highlighting the latest and most modern modules and methods.


Making interviews with experts, school principals, managers and teachers about various educational issues.

Translated Studies:

Translating the latest studies specialized in various aspects and details of education as a source of reference to rely on and benefit from.

Academic-Related Psychological Consultation:

This is a website service offered to students in order to respond to their questions and give them solutions for their educational problems provided by a number of cooperating therapists, educational and psychological consultants, mentors and specialists.

Short films and Videos:

Periodical exploratory and awareness videos.

Competitions and Contests:

Of a literary and scientific nature to embrace talents and qualifications and to encourage creativity.

Who We Are…

We are a group of school and university students who invite you to join us…

Mrs. Arwa Al-Tal, the Jordanian Writer, and the CEO Sarah Khanfar, who co-founded the ZEDNI NETWORK, supervise our network.

Our network is an open space welcoming new ideas, creativity and positive criticism, shedding light on innovative educational experiments and attempts…

Our network is an open space for students, teachers, parents, community elites and anyone interested…

Our network is an open platform for you to express yourself and write…

Pour out your heart… Express yourself… Share your thoughts…

Write down your experiment, your report, your journalistic interview, your creative vision and join our team… We look forward to having you on our team…

Write down your thoughts in literature and science… Make a special video about your school, university or any other educational platform or field…

Come on… Participate in ZEDNI PRIZE for Educational Journalism…

Participate in ZEDNI PRIZE for Education…

Participate in ZEDNI PRIZE for Literature…

Join our correspondents’ network around the world…

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