Specialized Educational Incubators

22 مايو , 2016


On 12\5\2015, and in ZEDNI’s Ninth Cultural Salon, Mrs. Arwa Al-Tal who is the founder and director of the network presented an authentic and practical alternative for conventional education.Mrs. Al-Tal, as a contribution to modernize educational methods in a world witnessing accelerating developments in the field, has initially presented the idea of the Specialized Educational Incubators. The presentation, still subjected to discussion and deliberation, addresses the basics,nature and structure of such specialized incubators as an authentic alternative for inherited conventional educational methods.

For more information or to download “Specialized Educational Incubators” Press here

You can check out the Specialized Educational Incubators Theory that has been presented in ZEDNI’s Ninth Cultural Salon under the title “The Three Nos and Conventional Education Alternatives” from here

Watch the interview with ZEDNI NETWORK’s general supervisor Mrs. Arwa Al-Tal and the founder of the YORKA Initiative the Engineer Afnan Ali in an episode of the TV Show “DuniaYaDunia”:

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